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Refer your friends and get commission!

We have a structured affiliate program, to provide customers with an additional option to earn and profit from our company. In your account referrals section you will be able to find your affiliate link & banners, just share it with others. After other individuals use your affiliate link to register, they automatically becomes your referral. You are not obligated to have an active investment to earn referral awards!

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Referral Links
Multiple Options
Referral Links
Multiple Options

Affiliate Program Earn from your referrals' investments

Affiliate Structure breakdown
Your Referrals Deposit Amount Percentage Commision you earn
0.005 Ƀtc - 0.1 Ƀtc Deposit 5% Referral Commission
0.11 Ƀtc - 0.25 Ƀtc 6% Referral Commision
0.251 Ƀtc - 0.5 Ƀtc Deposit 7% Referral Commission
0.51 Ƀtc - 0.7 Ƀtc Deposit 8% Referral Commission
0.71 Ƀtc - 0.99 Ƀtc Deposit 9% Referral Commission
1 Ƀtc - 2 Ƀtc Deposit 10% Referral Commission
2.5 Ƀtc - 5 Ƀtc Deposit 15% Referral Commission

Perform Tasks to even earn even more!

Apart from the affiiate structure earnings, users can also earn more money weekly by performing simple tasks to advertise elitegoldvest.com.you can do this by leveraging social media channels to spread the word about elitegoldvest.com

There's even more for our super affiliates to earn extra bonus for reaching active referral milestones

Active referral breakdown
Number of Active Referrals Bonus you earn
50 active referrals 100$ Ƀonus
100 active referrals 200$ Bonus
250 active referrals 500$ Bonus
500 active referrals 1500$ Bonus
750 active referrals 3000$ Bonus
1000 Active referrals 5000$ Bonus
2000 Active referrals $10,000 Bonus.